Enviromentally Safe Fuel Cleaning Tools
Enviromentally Safe Fuel Cleaning Tools


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LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners

Algae-X Cleans your fuel
system by simply
running the engines!

Fuel is naturally unstable. Its quality and chemistry are continuously degraded by transportation & storage from refinery to user, oxidation, heat & pressure of engines, pumps & injectors, and by water & microbial contamination. Even when fuel is still clear and bright, microscopic fuel components agglomerate forming larger clusters and organic compounds. Eventually, filters clog and sludge (algae, gum, tar, varnish, wax, etc.) accumulates in storage tanks. ALGAE-X® Technology reverses the agglomeration process.

What Size Unit Do I need?

Fuel Conditioners
LG-X Model
400 / 500
1000 / 1500
4000 / 5000
Port Size
3/8" 1/2"
1/2" 3/4"
1-1/2" 2"
Flow Rate (gph)
1500 / 2500
Weight (lbs)
27 / 35
HP Range
3000 (and up)
* Gauge your size by your flow rate ( = fuel consumption + return fuel rate ).
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Made in the USA    
Lifetime Warranty

AFC 705 / 805 Fuel Catalyst - "Tank Cleaner in a Bottle"

ALGAE-X® Fuel Catalyst

Fuel Catalyst

ALGAE-X® Fuel Catalyst will:

• Dissolve Tank Sludge & Slime
• Eliminate Costly Tank Cleaning & Disposal Fees
• Preserve Integrity of Stored Fuel Up To 12 Months
• Remove & Prevent Carbon Build-Up
• Stabilize Fuel
• Improve Combustion
• Lower Fuel Consumption
• Add Lubricity to Low Sulfur Fuel
• Prevent Corrosion of Injectors
• Extend Equipment Life
• Reduce Harmful Emissions
• For Gas / Diesel / Kerosene / HFO / Coal

Mobile Tank Cleaning - MTC

Mobile Tank Cleaning
The MTC is a three-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning system. It efficiently removes sludge and water from stored fuel and oil.  These systems are designed for high capacity industrial fuel polishing (up to 1500 gallons per hour on standard models). The MTC is a user friendly, complete system, shipped ready for operation. The MTC is based on innovative and environmentally friendly technologies requiring few consumables.


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Mobile Tank Cleaning

Automatic Fuel Filtration System - STS 6000-SX

The STS 6000 series is our newest line of fully automated fuel conditioning systems. They are operated by the programmable, UL 508A certified SFC-50 Algae-X Smart Filtration Controller with text display ready for integration with Building Management Systems. The SFC-50 has automatic alarm and system shut-down functions for flow interruption, high filter pressure, water detection, in cabinet leak sensor and high vacuum.


Automatic Fuel Filtration System - STS 5000

The STS System is designed to automatically keep diesel fuel in storage tanks in a pristine state; water free, stable and clean.

The fully automated STS System is installed within the fuel storage system. Designed for safe and remote operation, equipped with multiple features including diagnostics, alarms and indicators.


Fuel Polishing Systems - FPS

Fuel Polishing Systems - FPS
FPS 500 & FPS 750
Three Stage Fuel Polishing System: Keeps diesel fuels in "pristine condition". Ideal for use in fuel tanks of vessels, vehicles, generators and heavy equipment.
FPS 500 Press Release
  • FPS 750 Press Release
Stage 1:
The ALGAE-X® Fuel Conditioner reverses the process of fuel deterioration, buildup of tank sludge and stabilizes the fuel.
Stage 2:
The centrifugal water separation system removes water.
Stage 3:
The fine filter removes solid contaminants.
Fuel Polishing Systems - FPS
FPS 500 & FPS 750

Portable Tank Cleaning  Kit - TK 180

Portable Tank Cleaning Kit - TK 180

The TK-180 is a modular tank cleaning system, ideal for re-circulating and/or transferring fuels and oil in vessels, stand-by generators, trucks, buses, agricultural and heavy equipment with up to 200 gal tanks.

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